Is This the Best Time to Consider a Merger or Acquisition?

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There are various reasons why your company may be considering a merger or acquisition soon. Shutdowns due to the pandemic have brought many companies to their financial knees in terms of survival. This economic downturn could create an opportunity for your company. Is it time for your business to consider the option of expanding through a merger or an acquisition? Before you leap, take a close look at some pitfalls to avoid.

Why Consider Acquiring or Merging with Another Business?

Every business has its preferred way of expanding. It may be organically through effective social media marketing that grows your customer base. Or the best way forward may be to merge with a competitor or acquire some or all of their assets or customer base. If your company made it through the pandemic on strong financial footing, this type of growth strategy may be optimal for your firm.

Post pandemic, companies may find that a merger is the only way to protect their assets and avoid a total loss. When approaching such an opportunity, put due diligence ahead of emotion and verify all assets, opportunities, and potential risks.

How Can I Avoid the Biggest M&A Risks?

Unless you have a business designed to acquire others, you most likely have no experience in getting through the process with minimum stress and maximum profit. Key terms need to be negotiated during the process, and if you aren’t familiar with them, you might be exposed, post-acquisition.

You need an experienced business consultant to guide you carefully through every step, from exploratory discussions to post-acquisition transition. At MRD Consulting we have experienced CPAs, business owners, CFOs and financiers ready to help you make the most profitable deal you can while minimizing the risks. Contact MRD Consulting today to start your journey toward growth through a merger or an acquisition.

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