Social Media Can Make or Break a Start-Up

Now more than ever, we depend on social media to drive business. Social media campaigns are vital in developing a strong customer base, driving sales, and increasing presence in the marketplace. If you are in the planning stages of getting your business onto social platforms, MRD Consulting can put your business on the social media map without breaking the bank.

Social Media – Who needs it?

You do! Gone are the days of telephone books and newspaper ads. Even television is losing its advertising power, thanks to streaming services and DVR. Let’s face it; ads don’t work if nobody sees them. This visibility is where social media comes in. Almost everyone either has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account or if they don’t, they know someone who does. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are becoming more prevalent than televisions. We carry the world in our pockets. We search for restaurants, order birthday gifts and schedule doctor’s appointments without ever making a phone call. In this fast-paced society, social media ads have to grab attention quickly. They need to be interesting enough to stop people from scrolling, and the pull needs to be strong enough to make them want to click for more information. This point is where experience counts. Of course, you think your business is exciting, but how does your ad appear to the public? Is it drawing in clients? Is it causing a buzz? If not, it’s time to re-evaluate your campaign.

Outsourcing Pays

There are some areas of your business where it pays to keep it in-house. Marketing and advertising have the potential to inflate your budget if you try to tackle them on your own. The time required to develop a marketing campaign takes you away from running your business. It is also challenging to get your campaign the visibility you want if you don’t have marketing experience. Leaving the advertising to the professionals not only saves you time, but it will accomplish the goal of bringing in new business. If you need help with your social media advertising, give MRD Consulting a call at 763-688-1280.